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I went to a bridal fair the other day – I was curious to see if there was anything new happening in the bridal world. I always thought the more I can get to know about the wedding industry the more I can offer my clients. So I hoped to make a few contacts and maybe even get to know some other celebrants. I am eager to have my own exhibit in a bridal fair one day soon so I was using this excursion as a learning exercise.

It was a good size fair with all sorts of exhibitors – catering for every aspect of a wedding and more. All the brides and grooms to be certainly had a smorgasbord of choices and most of them were walking round with arms full of information bags.

Me and My Girl

One thing I hadn’t bargained on that day was the pleasure of being accompanied by my 3 year old daughter – Tiegan. She was very excited about going to the “fair” – she got dressed up in her sparkly dress, put some makeup on and topped off the whole look with a crown and a handbag.

She certainly knew how to attract attention and she actually made a great ice breaker and conversation starter with most of the exhibitors. It was however a bit unlucky for me that there were a few wedding cake exhibitors at the fair, the lure of sampling wedding cake was just too much for my little girl. I would be half way through a conversation and there would be a familiar tug at my arm – and a rather loud “Come on Mummy there’s more cake over there” and nothing would stand in her way!

We did end up having a good morning and especially loved watching all the beautiful girls parading down the catwalk in their “princess” dresses – but for me the biggest thing I learnt that morning – was not to take my little girl with me to work!